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Proofer C12

Static intermediate proofer

This proofer is specifically designred to work in combination with a multipiston bun divider. It has an incporporated moulder that automaticaly makes the bread rolls.

The intermediate proofer model C12 is an accurate and reliable machine, with so reduced size that it passes totally erected through a standard 2,10 m height and 0,8 m width door.

Its function is to give the necessary resting time to the recently divided dough portions, in order to let them lose the tensions acquired in that process and ease its lengthing in the next step of the productive process: the forming.

Fact file


  • Accurate and reliable loading system.
  • Flat trays, without pockets, suitable to work with 2, 3 or 4 piston bun dividers.
  • Conveyor belt unloading system, controlled by means of a photoelectric sensor.
  • Maximum weight of the dough pieces to load: 200g.
  • Total control over the production group (divider).
  • Mechanical and electrical overload protection.
  • Ultraviolet germicide lamps.

This is how it works

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