Proofer CV-MINI

Dynamic intermediate proofer

The Intermediate proofer model CV-MINI is a dynamic type model (the dough pieces change of pocket several times inside the proofer). It is robust and reliable and it can load pieces up to 600g.

Its main advantage is that it is very compact, it can be introduced completely assembled through any door of 80x205cm.

Besides, it is our most economic model, it is the ideal solution for the customers who look for a simple machine, with small dimensions, easy to install and with an affordable cost.

Fact file


  • Capacity: 200 pieces.
  • Dynamic work system machine: for each coplete turn of the chains, the dough pieces will change to the next pocket.
  • Loading by means of a ramp.
  • Maximum weight of the dough pieces to load: 600g.
  • Total control over the production group (divider and moulder).
  • Automatic and manual unloading.
  • Mechanical and electrical overload protection.

Here is how it works

3D View / Vista 3D