Moulder model F93-R

For tin bread and hot-dog bread

The moulder model FCP-93-1RV is specifically designed to produce tin bread, also hot-dog bread.

This is how it works

Video demonstration

Fact file


  • Non aderent rollers.
  • Standard width of the shaping belts: 600mm.
  • Only 1 pressing path.
  • Adjustable separation between laminating rollers.
  • Wheel for adjusting the speration btween the presses, to control the lenght of the pieces.
  • Wheel for adjusting the shape of the pieces ends, to obtain bread with sharpened or rounded ends.
  • Prelaminating roller adjustable in height.
  • Stainless steel covering.


  • Vertical rollers centering device (advisable for small bread).
  • Extra width for the shaping belts, available in 700 and 800 mm.